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We are very well aware of the fact that starting a new software development project is a daunting task but with SDLC in Project Management, you can have an upper hand in the same. Not sure how? Well, to answer this question we have come with all the information that you will need to have a better approach as well as understanding of SDLC which is short for Software Development Life Cycle in the whole project. In this blog, we are going to cover what SDLC is, how it benefits, and what are the various kinds of phases that are part of SDLC.

What is SLDC?

There are various phases that are included when the software is being developed and later deployed. The whole process comes under SDLC. The development of the software from the beginning to its conception and along with the maintenance when it is released comes under SDLC. To make sure that the processes are quick and efficient, there are various kinds of methodologies that are used by teams all over the world. The management teams help in encompassing all the required information for the software production and choosing the right methodology for the project and delivering the software on time. This will give you a clear picture of what is SDLC in project management.

Why do we use it?

If you are thinking why you should use this approach for the project success, then read the below points and know how SDLC could contribute to your project’s success:

  • A better plan of SDLC will give a whole picture of the work that is needed to be done throughout the project. This will help in having control over the various phases and activities. The entire project can be managed very efficiently with SDLC project planning.
  • This will add more transparency and visibility to the tasks at hand and will help in the timely completion of the project.
  • This plan when well versed with the team will help in making sure that risk management is done effectively. The project will be kept on track and the timely delivery along with the cost as well as the resources management can be done in a precise way.
  • This will help in having all the requirements in the open and will keep everyone in the team on the same page throughout the project.
  • With the help of the SDLC plan, the idea of the project can be brought into action and the functions can be started. It will help in delivering a better user experience, along with better change management as well as process development.
  • It is nonetheless to say that it is going to increase the quality of code written and deliver better efficiency in the project. This can be a way to reduce cost as it can have a better approach to solve problems and gather requirements.

These are just some of the top advantages of having SDLC in the project. Once you start working with these methodologies, you will discover that this is the best way for software development in any project.

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Various Phases of SDLC

As mentioned above, there are various kinds of methodologies that the team can use based on their requirements, but the phases of SDLC will be the same for most of these. The common phases for SDLC are discussed below along with their main functions:


When the proposal is given by the customer and the idea behind is discussed thoroughly, the time to know about the resources, time, and other things needed to deliver that proposal comes into the picture. This phase is very much important as here all the details are discussed about the time and resources and all the resources are accumulated. In this phase, various documents are written which can be referred back whenever needed in the future. This could be considered as the planning stage before the team is put into any action for the work needed to be done.


During this phase, the specific details are being gathered and there are various details to the existing or the new prototypes being discussed. Doing this, the developers create SRS with all the details of the software, the hardware needed, and network requirements for the project to be completed. During this, the analysis is one on what kind of system will be used, along with the costs of solutions for the project proposal. You can learn about management and complete this phase by going for PMP online training.


With this stage, we can say that visualization plays a major role. In the design stage, which is a precursor to the actual development stage, the developers foresee the overall application and gather various things including the system interface, different network requirements, user interfaces, and databases required. This is an important fact as with this stage the theoretical phases are going to have tangible phases and the work is going to happen in the project.


The part where the developers are responsible for writing the code as a part of the software development comes under this. The code is based on all the discussions that were part of the previous stages and based on those outlines and specifications, the code is built by the team. There is a team of front-end as well as back-end developers in the team which will work for the better writing of the code and deliver it to the next stage of the cycle. In SDLC project planning, all these things are taken care of with proper planning.


We all know that writing code is not going to help to develop software. There is rigorous testing involved whenever there is software development. Quality assurance is very much needed whenever we are going to make the development in the project. The bugs along with defects are being raised, fixed, and then retested again. This process continues till the time we have fine working software in the end. The time needed for this phase depends on the developer's efficiency, the complex nature of the project, as well as the end-users requirements. This can be a very short period or could go for longer periods as well.


This is one of the best stages as most of the work is completed. The code is written; the software is developed and tested successfully. Now it is time to roll over the new development work to the production. Here the software or the new code is ready for the end-users to use. The released product can be used by the users in the business environment or can be downloaded by them for use.


Even after the software is being rolled to the production environment, it needs to be maintained and effective to be used for a better user experience. The changes should be relevant to the business requirements and this may need time to time maintenance. So this phase will make sure that all the things are working in a fine manner.

Final Words

The management of the projects is one of the crucial tasks and going for SDLC can be very beneficial. You can have a PMP certification and know better about this and learn all about the use of SDLC. Now we have seen that SDLC holds the best outcome for the projects and also SDLC makes sure that the projects are completed on time with maximum efficiency. This is the reason that more and more companies are going for this approach. There are varieties of models which you can choose as per your project requirements. You should make sure that each phase of SDLC is being implemented with its proper function. This will make sure that the project is going to work in a smooth way and have better results for the team and the business as well.

You should implement best practices for SDLC in your project if you are part of the project and its management. Using various techniques and getting familiar with those models and knowing about their benefits for the project, you will be able to deliver the project of great value.

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